Review: Ariana Grande – My Everything


Maybe i’m the sinner and your the saint… Your the best mistake i’ve ever made.

I’ve gotten the chance to listen to Ariana Grande‘s new album a couple of days early (shh…) and i have to say that this album is a huge improvement over her first but leaves a bit to the imagination. Ariana’s freshman release was just mediocre. Not bad but it wasn’t the greatest. The best thing she got from the album was the comparison of her and Mariah Carey (not a bad thing). I would actually rate this album similar to Mariah’s I am Mariah released earlier this year.

The album overall is a healthy mix of upbeat pop, smooth R&B, and a little bit of old school to keep things moving. She has some of the top producers in the industry going head-to-head on this album. Max Martin (hello Baby One More Time), David Guetta, and Rodney Jenkins all make appearances on the album as writers. The lyrics are on point at all times. Truly i think this is the album’s saving grace. Vocals are great but leaving you wanting more.

I’m shocked to find that critics are giving this album a low review. The New York Daily News had the following to say

The distance between the talent of the singer and the quality of the song becomes most obvious in the title track, a heavily larded piano ballad which offers a true vocal show-stopper from Grande. Hopefully, next time her vehicles will have the drive her voice deserves.

I have to admit, a bit, that i agree but i don’t agree enough to rate anything lower than a 3. Yes, a 3 out of 5. I still feel this album is AMAZING. I just also feel like i wanted more the entire time. The writes were great and the melodies are beautiful. She split from Mariah’s shadow (is that really a bad thing to be in Mariah’s shadow?) but this album unfortunately did nothing to SURPASS the elusive chanteuse.

The guardian had the following to say.

Despite a cast list that includes Childish Gambino and The Weeknd , there’s often a facelessness that defeats even Grande’s lush vocal performances. Global hit Problem is by a long way the most distinctive thing on the record. A runner-up is Hands on Me, a hazy, Britneyish electro-meander featuring jovial hoots from A$AP Ferg. The Styles-penned ballad (yes, Harry Styles) A Little Bit of Your Heart is perhaps best left to aficionados.

In case you didn’t noticed BANG BANG featuring Niki Minaj and Jessi J is not an album hit. In fact, has anyone listened to this song at all? Niki’s Anaconda far surpassed this song and well… that songs kind of dumb to (although i’m listening to it on repeat). The lyrics just aren’t there and it’s being released amongst a lot of other big hitters. The song itself, although a bit cray, could have been a chart topper given a different release.

The album is set to release on August 25th, 2014 but you can pre-order the album HERE. I do recommend picking up the album but i wouldn’t rush out. This is no BRITNEY release party but it’s worth of a spot upon your shelves.

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