The Infamous FIRST POST

It is CRAZY to think that this is probably the FIFTH time that I have made this infamous first blog. I admit as well that I am tired of it! I intend for this to be my last first blog.

I’ve been around the web for awhile and tend to fade in and out. This time is going to be different. My goal is to spend the majority of 2011 making this site what it was meant to be almost 4 years ago when it opened. I opened God Give Me Truth in the spring of 2006. It was a follow up to my site His-World.Net. I accidently let His-World expire, and a few years later, God Give Me Truth went right along with it. A few months back, when I was ready to open a site again it was time pick a domain name yet again. I went back and forth for more than month trying to pick the PERFECT domain name and decided that my heart was still with God Give Me Truth. So.. to make a long story short.. here we stand!

I haver very high hopes for this site. Not only do I intend to blog on a regular basis with the site I hope to fill it with content. Not only about my self but also with tutorials, free stuff, and reviews. The reviews are the biggest thing that I am looking for. Being a gay male it can be tough to have open reviews available to you. I plan to start making YouTube videos and I feel this site is the perfect platform for these.

So.. i’m looking forward to great things to come!

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