WWE Wrestlemania 2013

Another WWE year has gone by and WRESTLEMANIA 2013 is upon us. As a long time WWE fan I have to be honest. I remember in the past the time from THE ROYAL RUMBLE to WRESTLEMANIA was always crazy. Story lines played throughout the year come into play in those few months and end at the big pay-per-view. Now, in the last few years, it seems as if they just randomly put some matches together. Where has THE ROCK been since last year’s WRESTLEMANIA. I know that he’s done stuff, he’s odviously the champion, but nothing has happened between him and John Cena since last years show.

I honestly just don’t get it. If these people want to headline Wrestlemania shouldn’t they wrestle all year?

Even after that mini-rant i’m still excited for the big show. TRIPLE H has been and always will be my favorite wrestler. I’m excited to see his match with Brock Lesnar but again, i’m still a bit bummed by the fact that there was really nothing leading up to this match. Did Triple H even wrestle at all since last year’s Wrestlemania? Oh well. I’m a big Stephanie McMahon too so i’m hoping that she will grace us with her presence!

I found The Undertaker Vs. CM Punk match to be interesting. It’s sad that Paul Bearer passed but the story line, in a creepy WWE sort of way, is interesting. It was a classic WWE way to create the rivalry. I loved it. Should be an interesting match. I hope that CM PUNK isn’t the one to break THE UNDERTAKERS record. It would just be weird. I’m just not a big CM PUNK FAN.

Are there any other matches on the roster??!! Just kidding. lol. There are plenty of more great matches on the roster but the top two are really the only two that i’m interested in. I’ve seen so many great matches over the years and Wrestlemania NEVER fails to disappoint. My favorite match of all time the MACMAHON IN EVERY CORNER match at WRESTLEMANIA 2000!  Tonight will be a great night!

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