REVIEW: Sonia Kashuk Matte Oil Blotting Papers

I just have to start by saying how much I LOVE this product! Since starting wearing various cosmetics it’s been a challenge to manage the oil on my T-Zone upon my face. I am very big on Mac Cosmetics so I thought I would get their oil blotting sheets. Well, I get to Mac and they tell me that they sell 25 sheets for $13.99! CRAZY!

I went a few days debating on just purchasing blot powder, until I came across the Sonia Kashuk : Matte Oil Blotting Papers. They were about 100 sheets for $6.99!

Matte Oil Blotting Papers

The best thing about this is once you open the box that it comes in! You get a cute little plastic-like envelope that holds all the sheets neatly within your cosmetics bag. Overall, I find this to be a GREAT product for an even GREATER price!

Matte Oil Blotting Papers

I simply use the sheets about mid-afternoon to blot the oil off of my face. It works great. One sheet soaks up all the oil on my T-Zone. After I remove the oil I simply apply a bit of pressed powder and I am good to go!


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  1. I’m actually one of those people with dry skin, but it’s lovely when you discover a product that works well and is cheap! I carry a few necessary things in my bag every day; usually it’s moisturiser and lip gloss since I don’t wear very much make up, if at all.

    Also, I emailed you back, let me know if you still need anything. ๐Ÿ™‚

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