Germany… here we come!

Munich, Germany
a beautiful view of Munich, Germany

We leave for Germany on SUNDAY. I admit that I haven’t very excited for this upcoming vacation. I myself am not a big international traveler but my partner is. An idea of a vacation to me is relaxing on a beach with someone bringing me cold drinks and a vacation to him is spending 2 weeks unguided in a foreign country. I guess it’s the OCD in me that makes me cautious about the upcoming trip. I feel as iff you never really know what is going to happy on these trips. We don’t speak the langue and we definitely don’t know the cultural norms. I guess it’s just a risk that you have to really be ready to take!

I admit that I haven’t really been excited for the trip until just TODAY. The reason’s are similar to those listed above. Being that it’s just not my kind of vacation. We went Egypt a few years ago and it was nice because we were with a group of friends and we had a tour guide that was with us 24/7. In Germany we are all on our own and I worry about things like the language barrier.

We have maps, train schedules, translation books, and all sorts of other little tidbits. I’m an OCD person so letting go of the control and just letting things happen has always been tough for me to do. I’m not a go-with-the-flow sort of person. It stresses me out. I’m not crazy to the point that things have to be planned down to the minute but I like to have a general plan for each day instead of just wandering around.

We got to New York City about once a year and we have done both way. We did the go-with-the-flow way as well as the having each day planned out. For me, having a general map of what you are going to get done each year makes sure that everybody gets to see and do what it is they are looking forward to doing. The go-with-the-flow ends up being a total disaster each and every time. We spend more time just wandering around trying to get everything in that it ends up being pointless!

I got lucky and had today off so i’m busy getting everything together for the trip. I’ve got the majority of my packing done. I’m an overpacker for sure! We will be there for 18 days so I pack 20 shirts, 20 socks, 20 pairs of underwear, and about 10 pair of shorts/jeans. I won’t wear shirts, socks, or underwear more than once. My partner on the other hand will take about 5 days worth of clothes and wash his clothes in the sink every few days. NOT MY THING! haha. I always take a few extra days worth of clothes just in case. I will probably only take 2 pair of shoes (sneaks and flip-flops).

I’ve got 2 fanlisting to make before I go and then everything is ready to go! I’m going to do my best to blog on the trip but you know how that goes. lol. My phone will work in Germany but will be in airplane mode so that it’s not using data. I will make sure to connect wirelessly though. Hopefully they have as much free wireless around the country as we do here!

Fanlisting Updates;

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