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Nashville – Planning

I’m coming to the realization that the worst part of vacation is the planning. I’m a very type A personality so I think that this should be something that I would like to do. I enjoy list making, some planning, etc, but it’s not easy doing it all alone. My OCD keeps me from making key decisions on my own, lol.

It was somewhat of a last minute decision to go to Nashville. Initially the plans were for Hawaii, and then do to cost we changed to Disney. Got quotes for the trip and everything! But.. once again the price just didn’t make sense. It’s so much money and although we can afford it we just didn’t want to pay out that kind of cash. We have a friend getting married in October so the decision was made to just spend a week in the city!

We spent an entire afternoon last week planning the sites that we wanted to see while relaxing with some coffee at Barnes & Noble. There are tons of great sites to see but it’s a challenge trying to plan in an area that you’ve never been in. Each travel book is so completely different that it’s a challenge putting it all together.

Just browsing through it all though it seems like there are a ton of things to do while in the city. I’m probably most excited to shoot over to Memphis and see Graceland. It is a place that i’ve wanted to see probably my entire life. The funny part is that i’m not even really an Elvis fan. I think it’s just the point of going and seeing a piece of the country that houses such a huge part of history. Music history!

On a side note the fanlistings are on their way to back up and running! The forum is open to old members and it’s exciting to begin to get back involved again.

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