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How To Apply Custom Vinyl

Nothing worse than the excitement over a new purchase! You get it home, open it up and OOPS! You’ve accidentally ruined it. We have all been there. The majority of our products here at GOD GIVE ME TRUTH come with the vinyl already properly applied but we also sell custom vinyl decals too! This means you can have a decal designed to your specifications. Learning how to apply the decal is important or you’ve essentially thrown away your money.

Your decal comes with transfer tape applied to help you easily install it. Because of this your decal should be applied as soon as possible to prevent any transfer issues from the tape to your product of choice. Car decals should be applied only to surfaces with temperatures between 50 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and should be allowed to cure for 24 hours before getting wet.


STEP ONE: Rub the decal to be sure the transfer tape is properly adhered. Use a popsicle stick, credit card, etc. to ensure that the property amount of pressure is applied.


STEP TWO: Clean and dry the desired application area. Decals will stick best to clean and smooth services. Rubbing alcohol is recommended. Let dry!


STEP THREE: Remove the paper backing (generally blue) slowly to make sure the vinyl stays adhered to the transparent transfer tape.


STEP FOUR: Carefully position the vinyl decal to the desired area. GO SLOW. Once the vinyl sticks it will be nearly impossible to reposition without destroying it. Again, take your time!


STEP FIVE: Rub the vinyl from side to side to eliminate any air bubbles. If the decal is large it’s best to work your pressure from the middle of the decal to the outside to push out the air bubbles.


STEP SIX: Use a hard edged object like a credit card or popsicle stick to make sure that the entire vinyl decal fully adhered to the surface. Simply apply pressure back and forth. You cannot hurt the vinyl while the transfer tape is still attached. Pay extra attention to small letters.


STEP SEVEN: SLOWLY remove the transfer tape. Make sure that no part of the vinyl remains on the transfer tape. If it does, simply lay it back down and apply more pressure. If you have a lot of letters it can take some time and patience.


STEP EIGHT: Check for air bubbles. In most cases small bubbles can be worked to the edge of the decal using the same tool you used in step six. If large bubbles remain, give a day or so for them to disappear on their own. If they do not, turn on your defroster (if its a car decal) or apply heat to the vinyl using a blow dryer and very gently work out the bubble (remember, your transfer tape is gone). If that does not work, a small pin can be used to pop the hole and allow out the air. The hole will not be visible your using a small enough needle.

Remember, if you get stuck run into issues or just have questions REACH OUT VIA OUR CONTACT FORM for assistance. Once applied the decal cannot be removed so it’s crucial that you take your time and apply correctly. If done right the decal will last as long as stated when purchasing the product. I hope this helps!

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