Is it fall?

I can’t believe that it’s already the end of August. I feel like just yesterday the warm weather began and now, its almost gone! I cringe just thinking about it. Before you know it we will be buying christmas presents and complaining of snow, haha. It’s okay though. Honestly I have to say that I think this is probably the first year in a very long time that i’m not sad about the fact that winter is coming. I’m planning on embracing it this year and really enjoying the coolness.

I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on my fanlistings instead of the actual content of the site. Here are some of the latest fanlistings i’ve opened;

I also have a few more big ones that i’m excited to work on including a fanlisting for WHITNEY HOUSTON! I’m really excited about that one. Trying to get everything done in a very timely fashion.

We are preparing to leave for vacation in a little more than a week. We are spending two weeks in Germany. I’ve been pretty open with friends/family about the vacation. I don’t feel like i’m all that excited. I mean… i’m excited to go on vacation (lord only knows i need it) but i’ve never been on a vacation that doesn’t include spending a week at a resort or a week with a tour guide. We are completely on our own! We have hotels, trains, and airlines booked. Its just getting from point a to point b that has me worried.

Well, just wanted to pop in a quick update to let everyone know that i’m still around. Just working on other projects. Oh.. also looking for some affiliates for GodGiveMeTruth and Obsession. Feel free to send an email, fill out a form, or comment on this post to network sites!

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