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One Sip Closer To Spring

I know .. I know .. cheesy title. I’m still loving it! I have found this BEAUTIFUL spring blend of coffee from STARBUCKS. I have to admit that I buy the majority (basically all) of my coffee from my partners sister. She has a coffee/tea/wine company that has an awesome selection of goodies.

Anyway (not to self .. stop rambling) i was browsing the halls of TARGET when i came across this gem. I had previously had Target brand coffee in the flavor of Carrot Cake. G – R – O – S – S. Honestly, it was gross. I was looking for something new that would get me through that lull between my monthly coffee delivery and my need for that daily cup (or 3) of coffee.

It may be 5:00PM but why not enjoy a cup now?! That sun is out, birds are going, and i need to mow the yard. Perfect time! BTW – me needing to mow the yard means it’s summer. I enjoy mowing but we have had a crappy mower and it just hasn’t worked out for me. Became more of a chore.

Anyway (again .. rambling) so far i’m really enjoying the taste. I don’t understand why they say it “tastes like spring” but whatever. I’m enjoying it! Any springtime favorites you are starting to enjoy?

Our master blenders offer their expression of spring in this lively, remarkably balanced coffee. Combining exquisite beans from Latin America and East Africa reveals spirited, juicy notes and medium body. Created to perfectly pair with buttery shortbread and early harvest berries—a love poem to the season of renewal.

4 thoughts on “One Sip Closer To Spring”

  1. I drink a lot of tea. Mostly just sweet tea, though I like trying different flavors. I’m from South Carolina, so I don’t mess with the unsweet crap. I ordered tea at a restaurant here in Kansas, and they brought me unsweet tea. I was horrified. Now, I know to specify sweet.

    I wish Spring would already get here. In Kansas, it’s really nice one day, and then the next, I have to scrape ice off my windshield. Kansas is pretty bipolar when it comes to weather, and it sucks. I’ve been taking my dogs to the park a lot more recently, though, and that’s been really nice.

    Hey, I hope you don’t mind me checking out your blog! I blog too, and it’s pretty rare to find another male blogger, especially one who also builds fansites/fanlistings. 😀

    1. Hey Todd! I’ve been a coffee drinker for SOOOO long! Well.. i’m 27 years old so i guess it really hasn’t been that long. I could never live without it, lol. I enjoy tea more in the evenings. I find it relaxing even when it has caffeine. I have to admit though, TEAVANA makes some A-M-A-Z-I-N-G teas! A lot of there drinks you honestly can’t even tell are teas. I’ve been a big fan of a lot of their holiday selections. Fall was the best!

      I tend to go with unsweet tea, haha!!! I’m from Ohio though so Sweet Tea really isn’t an item like other places! And i cannot agree with you more about the weather!!!!! We are lucky enough to basically be DONE with the snow but i’m still over it. I’m just ready for the sunshine, the fun, and just being outside. I’m ready!

      It was great hearing from you! I’ll definitely add your site to my daily to-do list. 🙂 You really don’t see to many guys that blog AND are into fanlistings. It’s almost like finding a unicorn or something! Keep in touch!!!

  2. I’m excited to be done daily! I’m just kidding. I’ll add you to my blogroll and check you out daily, too!

    We’re like four leaf clovers. Male bloggers are rare. When you find one, you should keep it. Laminate it! 😉

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