Some New Products From MAC

I have been using Studio Fix Fluid since I began using Mac products. I have been happy for the most part. Studio Fix Fluid is a Mac staple, but I feel that there are a 2 flaws to the product. These two flaws aren’t enough for me to stop using the product, but they are enough for me to look for a new Mac product. These flaws are as follows;

ONE: The fix fluid is IN NO WAY transfer resistant. Being a guy wearing cosmetics to me this is a huge problem. I wear button-up dress shirts with a tie on a regular basis to work and I can’t wear any light colored shirts without getting them completely covered with Fix Fluid.

TWO: The Fix Fluid has very little staying power. I put the product on around 8 am and by 11am the product has almost vanished from my T-Zone. Now, I use TWO LAYERS of Fix Fluid to cover my entire face so that fact that two layers have vanished from my face still amazes me.

So this bring me to my first purchase and one that I have been wanting since September. The only reason why I have yet to purchase this product is because well.. I’m cheap! I wanted to get through the majority of my fix fluid before making another purchase.


The Pro Longwear is supposed to correct the two items I hate most about Fix Fluid. It is supposed to last a full 15 hours! This I can’t wait to see happen. It is also supposed to be almost completely transfer resistant. I can’t wait to wear a white dress shirt with this product to see what happens!

I was surprised to find out that I had done a complete shade switch at the Mac counter. I was NC30 with the Studio Fix Fluid. Now, I bought the Fix Fluid in June when I had a VERY HEAVY tan prior to going on a vacation. When trying different shades in the Pro Longwear I found that I was now a NW25!! Shocking still!! lol. This makes sense considering that my face was looking a bit orange when applying the studio fix fluid! Either way.. I am VERY excited to try this product and can’t wait to do my first foundation review!


Now.. as you all now. When you have to switch shades in your foundation you must also switch shades in your concealer! I decided to stick with the Studio Finish Concealer because it provides one of the heaviest coverages that Mac does offer and I have no complaints with it. I ended up going with the shade NC20 to cover up the little baggies under my eyes and the discoloredness. I believe that we went with NC20 as opposed to NW20 because my eyes tend to have a yellow/orange pigment to them.


Next I got one of my favorite glosses from Mac. Its Partial To Pink in the Cremesheen Glass collection. This was one of the first products I bought from Mac as well. Its very light with just a hint of pink and shine to it. Its very pretty! I debated between Partial to Pink and Boy Bait because I have read so many great things on the Boy Bait. In the end, my Mac girl told me to go with Partial to Pink because Boy Bait was almost too nude for the face.

I am very excited to try the foundation and give a review! I will probably go back and forth between the new foundation and the old before I get fully used to it. Expect the review in a month or so. I want to get full use out of the product before I tell my viewers to buy or not buy!

ALSO: I used my own photos this time!!!! Please don’t mind if they are blurry/mis-sized as I am still getting used to how to put them into the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚

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