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Weight Watchers – Round 3!


I have been a LONG TIME fan of Weight Watchers. Long before Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Hudson became representatives for the organization. In fact, I think i was joining Weight Watchers for the first time when Jessica Simpson was at her peak filming The Dukes of Hazard. I was at my fattest when she was at her best, ironic!

Anyway, I’ve been a fan. I’ve done two successful ’rounds’ of the program and i’m excited to say i’ve basically battled through round 3! I haven’t gained any of the 150lbs back that i lost 10 years ago (thankfully). I’ve just never fully completed the program. I’ve never gotten down to my ideal goal weight. To be honest.. i don’t even know what that number is! I don’t have a desire to look down and see a six-pack (although i wouldn’t complain) i just don’t want to feel unhappy with my body.

Body image is something that i’ve struggled with my entire life. Entire. Life. I was always the fat kid in school. I had amazing friends and went to a great school that wasn’t concerned with cliques, groups, and social circles. I was never made fun of and i’m grateful for that. I just never had a confidence to not feel self-conscious in the my own skin. I’ve always felt like the fat kid when i’m truly not anymore. I’m not proud of where i started but i’m proud of the fact that i’ve come so SO far!

In a nutshell the Weight Watchers system is pretty simple. Based upon sex, age, and average daily activity you are given a set number of ‘points’ that you can eat each day. Each point value has (or in the case of fruits/vegetables do not have) a set point value. Every time you eat something you must subtract the points consume from your overall daily limit. Nobody is perfect so there is a catch for that! You are also given a weekly point limit. Personally, i save these points for Adult Beverages and Junk Food! I can’t live without either.. lets be honest!

There have been good weeks and there have of course been VERY BAD weeks. I own it. Not everyday or every week for that matter will be a success. Sometimes that Krispy Kreme donut is just calling my name. Donuts do have a tendency to seduce their victims. I’m hungry just thinking about the damn things. When i’ve had a bad week i simply pick up the pieces and keep moving. I know they say in the program that you should still weight in but… i don’t. If i have a bad week i don’t even want to look at the scale. I’m going to just move on the next week and start over again!

2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers – Round 3!”

  1. I need to lose a bit of weight myself. I never tried anything like Weight Watchers. About two years ago I lost between 10kg and 15kg, which is between 22lbs and 33lbs, just by lowering the amount of carbs. So no rice, potatoes, pasta and bread. I lost the weight in 4 weeks!! But it was a struggle. I didn’t really see it as a diet, but more like an adjustment or whatever. More vegetables and fish. I’d allow a cheat day once a week where I just eat whatever I desire. It may not be the healthiest option to do, but it worked really well for me.

    I try not to care about the numbers on the scale, but more about the inches I lost. It’s harder to get into my old jeans compared to a couple years ago. They feel tighter. And most shirts I have are all size M. And some feels like size S right now :/ For two days now I am trying to lay off the rice, potatoes, pasta and bread again. I also don’t want to shop for a bra, if you know what I mean.

    1. Losing weight is HARD! I’ve always been told that i didn’t put it on overnight so i’m not going to be taking it off overnight. Although, i wish i could, haha. I try not to worry about the numbers either. At the end of the day though, i feel like i’m obsessed with them. Sort of, lol. I only weight myself once a week.

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