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DEATH. We all know that at some point its coming. At a certain point in life as well we know that it’s going to begin to surround us It’s always a shock and it’s never the type of surprise any of us look forward to. The circumstances are always unexpected and its always unfortunate.

This morning at 2:30 AM my grandfather MERLE SMITH passed away. It was everything listed above. As an older man I knew his time was coming. I knew that every minute I had with him could some day be my last. I took that for granted and unfortunately I didn’t spend as many moments with him as I should have. A REGRET IS A MISTAKE THAT YOU HAVEN’T LEARNED FROM. I learned therefore I have no regrets. I look back and smile only on the happy memories I still have.

Grandpa was admitted to the hospital on Sunday for pneumonia. At the time everything was normal. Being elderly the admittance was simply just a precaution. Monday evening things went sour when an aneurism in his brain burst. A few short hours later he passed to his home in heaven. He will have great company with fellow family members that have gone before him. 

Today is the first time ever that i’ve called off work for a death in the family (don’t judge me). I feel that its more benefiting to be at work keeping my mind off of the pain instead of sitting at home and sulking about it. This situation is different. This man meant everything to me. My dad passed when I was young and this man stepped in quickly to fill the voice. This he continued to do up until the day that he passed. I will never forget the beautiful memories that I am left with.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of your grandfather and I will say that no one has the right to judge you for calling out. It’s reasonable and also understandable. You shouldn’t have to justify yourself. Again, I am so sorry for your lost but it is good that you are able to appreciate the memories you have of him.

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