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It’s Beginning…

… To look a lot like CHRISTMAS!

And it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! Normally this ‘pre-christmas’ celebrating is not something that I have any interest in partaking in. I like to put my decorations up after thanking, listen to my christmas music after thanksgiving, and I prefer being cheerful after thanksgiving as well. But… something has changed this year! And what else can I say aside form that face that i’m ready for the christmas season now!

It’s been a long year. There is no other way to put it and no way to sugarcoat the situation either (is this a situation?). I think that the thing that I enjoy most about the holidays is the mood. The feeling that everybody is happy, everybody is excited, and everybody is full of some sort of ‘warm-and-fuzzy’ bug! I can’t wait!

I started my holiday season by downloading Kelly Clarkson’s new christmas album, Wrapped In Red. I think that album came out in October technically .. but .. I was good and I at least waited until Halloween was over before I started listening.

On a side note.. this album is FANTASTIC! Probably not her best work ever, and probably not the best christmas album you will ever own, BUT it’s full of a lot of heart! You can tell that it wasn’t something that she just threw together in a rush (i’m thinking of YOU Jessica Simpson and your Happy Christmas album).

I’ve been looking at Christmas Sweaters (you know.. the REALLY ugly ones) and i’m actually looking forward to buying one to wear to all of those holiday parties that I never get invited to! lol. Anyway, I think that this may be the first year that my Christmas tree goes up before eating that delicious Thanksgiving day turkey and i’m not ashamed!

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