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I am generally a big fan of falls television. It really takes me back to being a kid, school getting started, and life getting settled for the year! I always look forward to the new shows and new episodes of old favorites. I’ve been a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy, Gossip Girl, 90210, and other miscellaneous reality television shows.

Although Grey’s Anatomy is a bit different then past seasons i’ve been happy with whats happened this far in the season. Lexi Grey was one of my favorite characters and i’m very sad to see her character go from the show. It’s just not the same. I think that the actress that played her (sorry, i’m not sure of her name) is a phenomenal actress. Very few actresses can channel a character as crazy and quirky as Lexi Grey.

Gossip Girl and 90210 both have really weird/unusual story lines this year. For any regular watchers of Gossip Girl you will know exactly what I am talking about. The characters are all acting weird and there are SO MANY unusual things happening on the show. For example… Rufus and Ivy? Really.. doesn’t even make sense. And where the hell has Lilly been this entire season? I feel like we rarely see her (and of course she is one of my favorite characters). Blair isn’t as sassy as past seasons, Chuck is SOOOOOO tame, and Serena is just not Serena at all. Nate and Dan I feel are the only two characters that are acting pretty much like themselves.

Side note.. I did just get approved for the Nate Archibald fanlisting!

90210 is just weird. I know I keep using that word but the story lines are getting unusual. I was with the show for awhile but I feel like a few of the side relationships and side bar conversations aren’t what they could be. As much as I love Annie on the show I feel like they should really straighten up her characters or get rid of her. I think she is the one oddball character that doesn’t seem to do a whole lot for the show. Last season they started her out as a loner and now she’s back to popular and when the show FIRST aired she was the main focus of the show. I don’t know… perhaps I just don’t get it.

Reality TV I think is getting ready to really start booming. The Real Housewives of Atlanta and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills are both coming back this coming week. I am extremely excited for both. The Beverly Hills housewives are my favorite to watch. I’m a bit sad that Camille is no longer on the show but I don’t feel like it will effect the outcome very much. The main reason (only 2 reason’s) why I like the Atlanta housewives so much is Nene and Kim. I really think that the two of them really make the show what it is. If either one every left permanently the show would never be the same.

Any other thoughts on fall TV? Any other shows that are recommended to watch?

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  1. I really hate television, so those shows don’t really appeal to me at all haha. What’s the worst is reality television… every time I see it on television I get irritated because a lot of them are really lame and have dumb challenges.

    Congratulations on your fanlisting approval! 🙂

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