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Jessica Simpson – Moving Forward


This week was one of those that i was genuinely excited to have my People Magazine subscription (most weeks i just wish that i hadn’t gotten it). I don’t think that Jessica Simpson could have looked anymore stunning.

I have been a fan of Jessica since her debut back in the 90’s. I genuinely feel that when compared to her peers at the time (Christina, Britney, Mandy, JLO) she was far superior. She had the looks, the personality, and her music was genuinely good. I think that she just wasn’t ‘sexy’ enough to compete and her first single was the wrong choice.

I was also a fan of Jessica with Nick Lachey. I enjoyed watching Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. I also think that i was also genuinly sad when their divorced was announced in 2005. I know, i sound like a lunatic but it’s true. I thought they had a great relationship and the show made it look as if they truly supported what the other did. In the end, i feel as if Nick may have been a bit jealous of the success that Jessica continued to have.

Regardless, Jessica really has taken an at times dismal music career and turned it into an empire! Not the music of course but the brand. I read somewhere that Jessica is the first artist to break the ONE BILLION mark. I would assume that is encompassing all of her brands from music to bags to even perfume (also a fan). I think that she took rough moments in her life and really turned it into success.

Jessica looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day. I think that she did everything right (from the article). Although… she had 14 bridesmaids. Really? To each their own! I look forward to what the future holds for Jessica!

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