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I don’t know why i find journaling so chalenging. Not challenging as in I cant do it – it’s just i’m never motivated to do it. Is that lame? lol.

When my grandmother (dads mother) passed a couple of years ago the only thing that I truly wanted of hers was her journals. I always had the understand that she kept those journals (and she truly did journal daily) for the majority of her life. Although I haven’t truly taken the time yet to read through all of them it was awesome to read the things that I did.

On the flip side though I think that at times what your reading can be a bit sad. She felt different at times about various situations that she never shared with anybody. You can’t go back and change those situations but it’s good insight for future events.

So that leads me to keeping my own journal. I’ve debated over the years on if I should keep a paper journal or digital journal. Over the last few years i’ve really tried to keep both. The digital journal is easier, you don’t have to worry about where it’s at, and of course it’s passcode protected.

But .. at the same time it’s kind of nice to sit and write in a paper journal. Something a bit relaxing about it i guess. I was diagnosed with the onset of carpel tunnel last year so thats one thing to think about as well. It’s a bit painful to write at times so the digital option can somewhat remain easier.

I’ve also been using the Day One app for sometime now. It syncs between my ipad, computer and my iPad which is awesome. I really don’t have a reason to not journal because of truly how easy it is.

I guess that brings me back to my original point though – if it’s so easy for me to have access to journal then why the hell don’t i do it? Does anyone out there keep a journal? If you keep a journal then how often do you take the time to actual write in it and update it.

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  1. Aaah, journaling! I have three full written journals from when i was living in Ireland. I actually read a couple of pages recently. Oh my goodness, I was such a slut. LOL jk. No, I mostly wrote about my experiences living there. I was thinking about typing it down and maybe share it on my blog, I don’t know. I also use Day One. That app is awesome, easy and handy. Like you said it syncs through all my iDevices, iPad, iPhone and Macbook. Love it! If I would be dedicated again with journaling, I’d write in it maybe two or three days a week. I don’t know. Writing by hand is tiring tho, LOL.

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