So Much To Do Tomorrow!

I have been off work since Saturday and it is now Tuesday. Tomorrow is my last day off before I go back to work and I have SOOOOO much to do because I put it all off until the very last day of course! Saturday my partner, Brian, and I are having our annual CHRISTMAS COOKIE PARTY! Neither of us can’t wait until the day get here, but, there is just so much to do! Here is a sample of my list..

  • Scrub Hardwood Floors
  • Scrub Bathroom
  • Clean Couch (we have a leather couch, dog gets stuff all over it)
  • Vacuum My Office As Well As The Rug In The Living Room
  • Finish Decorating The Christmas Tree (i know.. i know..)
  • Re-Hang Christmas Lights On Front Porch (they are sagging a bit)
  • Scrub Kitchen Sink, Stove, & Microwave
  • Clean Out & Scrub Fridge
  • Wash Sheets
  • Organize Office
  • Organize Other Misc. Things

And of course the list goes on! lol.. among this I have to do my usual routine of getting homework done, getting to the gym, and I have to pick up our christmas cards so we can get them out in the mail! Why do I always procrastinate? That is one thing that needs to change next year!

So i’m still getting used to WordPress. I have used CuteNews for so long thats its been a challenge. I spent almost 4 hours this morning coding this free layout that I got online today. I was to scared to make my own and found a fellow blogger that makes STUNNING yet simple layouts. I hope to commission her soon to make me one!

I feel proud that I have already done 3 product reviews. All three products are ones that I love and I use EVERYDAY! I hope that at least one person gets to see these reviews and leaves a comment or to. Anyway… off to bed, gotta get up early to get that list done!

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