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I can’t even tell you how freaking EXCITED I am for the upcoming WWE NETWORK!

As a longtime WWE fan I think this is a genius idea! I have been a WWE follower for probably almost 17 years now (yes .. i’m turning 27 in a week!). The WWE Attitude era was one point in WWE history that has yet to be topped. The company has tried, tried and tried again but everytime they fail to surpass just the overall feeling of that time period in sports entertainment history.

One big problem as a fan is that I really haven’t been able, or had the ability, to watch the Pay-Per-View events. Besides the fact that they are expensive i’ve never had a cable box! Now don’t get me wrong, I do have cable, but i’ve never had a box. I’m one of those people that still have an original TIVO box. Because of the Tivo we don’t have the ability to order PPV events.

Quite awhile back WWE introduced Pay-Per-View streaming on their website. I’ve watched quite a few over the years via that method. But again, who wants to spend 3 or 4 hours sitting at their computer watching the event. Not fun.. i’d rather sit by my TV and use my computer, lol.

Last year WWE introduced the WWE Mobile App. You could then order PPV events via that. The great thing there is that I could order the even on my iPad and then stream it to my TV via Apple TV. FINALLY – i had a solution. But again, the price. They run $40 – $60 depending on the individual event so I really just had to pick and choose what it was I wanted to order throughout the year.

I tended to always order WRESTLEMANIA and the ROYAL RUMBLE. Both are my absolute favorites. Other than that I honestly would just pick and choose what it was i wanted throughout the year.

Now – for only $10 a month you get ALL OF THIS. It’s available the same way systems like Netflix and Hulu are now. I’ll be able to watch on my phone, my computer and i’m sure directly on my TV via Tivo and Playstation. I guess this brings me to some concerns…

The first is the fact that WWE is already hitting many roadblocks. The creative team behind the scripting is just not all there, all the time. Now – not all of it is bad. It just gets old. It gets boring at times. And it sure is all is no attitude era. Either way – I am still excited and I can’t wait until it’s roll out at the end of the month. Nothing better than ALL WWE ALL THE TIME!

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