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I had a LONG day in training today in Cleveland. It takes me about 40 minutes to get from where I live to downtown Cleveland for training. Anyway… i’ve really been into listening to my Sirius XM radio when i’m driving a longer trip. Something about talk radio keeps me awake, focused etc.

There was a big conversation about children and their toys. I guess the conversation started a few weeks back and made its away all the way to CNN. You can read a bit more HERE. Its talking about how Hasbro markets certain toys such as the EASY BAKE OVEN only to little girls and not boys. The story began when a little girl (8th grade) was talking about her little brother wanting to grow up and become a chef and now currently wanting an easy bake oven for christmas.

The controversy continued into all different kinds of toys. They moved on to talking about how different colors were associated to different sexes as well. Girls being associated with pink, boys associated with blue, etc. I found the whole conversation to be very intriguing but then at the same time also EXTREMELY annoying. I’m all about organizations marketing products towards certain people. There is nothing wrong with Hasbro making their easy bake oven pink or purple. Its always been marketed toward girls and i’m sure that marketing shows that the majority of buyers are girls. BUT if you want to buy your little boy a pink easy bank oven then DO IT. Who really cares??!! Any other thoughts? Sorry for the rant as well, it was a long ride home.

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