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Looking Back – Part 2


I was able to get my DOMAIN page setup last night! It was great taking a quick stroll down memory lane. I think that sometimes I get stuck in the now and where I could be instead of looking back on where i came from, the past. One of my greatest online achievements was owning MR LACHEY .COM. It was a fan site dedicated solely to Nick Lachey.

I have been a fan of Nick since his days with 98 Degrees. Everybody knew that he was basically the lead of the group. Through my love of the band I became a Jessica Simpson fan. To-date Jessica Simpson is actually my favorite singer (if its May 2014 your actually seeing a beautiful spring layout featuring Ms. Simpson). I wanted to run a fan site for what seemed like forever. Being a Jessica fan that was my first plan but competing with amazing sites such as Sweet Kisses just didn’t seem practical. Why re-invent the wheel?

The show Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica had taken off and a friend actually suggested MR SIMPSON .COM. Jessica had the fame in the relationship and was gaining momentum since the show had started. It was funny but just wasn’t what I really wanted. It almost seemed a little mean. It was one of those things that they always asked about in interviews, “How do you feel about Jessica Simpson’s success from the show?”. Thus… MR LACHEY was born!

I ran the site pretty steady for a couple of years. I enjoyed it. As i began college though it got to be a bit much. Still fun, but just to much to keep up with the daily activities, photo additions, and overall maintenance that the site required. The site basically dropped to nothing. I had one final stint where I had the bright idea to begin again but just never continued with it. I don’t regret letting the site go. I outgrew it and honestly won’t look back regretting that decision.


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